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3 Room Wireless System from $1057

3 Room Wireless System from $1057

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3 Room WiFi System from


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Heat pumps are the most energy efficient heating option for New Zealand homes but it can be hard to justify the cost for every room.

Dimplex energy efficient panel heaters are a recommended option to keep smaller rooms or bedrooms at a healthy and comfortable temperature.

Dimplex Panel Heaters are designed and built in Norway with a rapid cycling technology so the element is only energised for half the time to drastically reduce power consumption. Our "Dimplex Energy Control" Kits with multiple heaters for rooms can be controlled wirelessly.

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Dimplex Panel Heaters

Dimplex Panel Heaters are made in Norway with a 7-10 year warranty they are a an affordable choice for bedrooms and smaller rooms and the options of castors make it portable and easy to move around. They can regulate temperatures to within 0.3°C by constantly sampling the air temperature so the room temperature has little time to be able to drop.

Dimplex "Energy Control" Kits

The new Dimplex "Energy Control" Panel Heater Kits combine a number of Dimplex panel heaters with a WiFi hub, receivers for each heater and an App for your smartphone/tablet. The system creates a whole-home solution for tailored room by room comfort. The benefits are:

  • You can programme a schedule of heater operation room by room for "set and forget" operation or run the system manually with wireless remote control from your phone or tablet.
  • With a programmed schedule you can set individual on-off times for each room to suit family sleeping schedules.
  • Whether programmed or manual control, you can also set different temperatures for each room to suit the needs or preferences of different family members.
  • Beyond what is programmed, you can change the settings remotely from your smartphone or tablet. This lets you turn on your heating while on your way home or turn it off to save money.

NOTE: Pricing of $1,057 is for the DIMECSKIT-3SML 3 room kit.

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