Get a Home Energy Plan to help you make informed choices.

We have a simple way to help you evaluate the best options for your home and budget with a personalised Home Energy Plan free of charge.

With your Home Energy Plan you can compare the value of a range of home energy efficiency products for your home. Our evaluations include solar panels, insulation, double glazing, heating, door and window seals, hot water heating, LED downlights, window films, thermal curtains, ventilation, and more. We look at cost as well as financial and other returns to help you select the best options.

Watch our video below to learn more about how our Home Energy Plans can help you decide how to make your place a better place.

What does your home need?

If you're not sure what the best next-step is for your home then request a Free Home Energy Plan.  We make it easy for you to make the smart choice by evaluating a range of energy efficiency products for you.

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What's involved
We'll assess your home from top-to-bottom to paint a clear picture of the current energy efficiency of your home.

Clarify priorities
We'll listen and discuss any issues you have with the health, comfort and energy efficiency of your home and clarify what's most important to you.

Evaluate & Recommend
Your report looks at a wide range of energy efficiency options and ranks them so you can make informed decisions about your options and their potential returns over time.

Financial Enablers
We can let you know what finance options are available to you, including 24 month instalment plans, council rates programme, mortgage top-up loans and more.

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Sound Knowledge and Skills

Found SES to be efficient with sound product knowledge and installation practices.

Neville, Alexandra

Cheaper heating bills

Smart Energy Solutions is going to make this winter so much better for myself and my daughter. Last year we ran out of wood and had to use oil heaters and the bill rose up to $800. I am so grateful for you guys, I really appreciate what you have done for us.

Fleur, Waikato

Good advice and manners

Good advice, helpful information regarding subsidies etc. Well mannered technicians.

Lynne, Auckland
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