Enjoy Solar Energy savings. What's best for you?

There is enormous enthusiasm in New Zealand to pursue 100% renewable power generation while many homeowners want to gain independence from the power companies and lower household power bills.

Solar energy takes a number of forms and can reduce your energy bill, protect yourself from the rising costs of power, increase the value of your home and reduce your carbon footprint. The key is to carefully evaluate the return on your investment to make a smart energy decision. We can give you free solar quotes on both solar panels and solar hot water.

Are you solar ready?

Whether you’re thinking about solar panels or solar hot water, the starting point is free advice and obligation free solar quotes.  We can help you evaluate whether solar is right for your home or not.

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Ses Energy Priorities

Is your home Solar Ready?

There are a number of cost effective steps to take with your home before becoming part of the power generation process. The essence of the philosophy is that energy efficiency is the cheapest form of power generation.

  1. Conserve Energy: This means avoiding wasteful use - switching off, lowering temperatures and generally reducing your power consumption via habits.
  2. Buy power well: It's easy to know the price of petrol at different stations - how well do you know electricity price comparisons. Check out the What's My Number website to ensure you're on the best power plan.
  3. Improve Energy Efficiency: Use as little power as possible to do what needs to be done. The areas to focus on - because they use the most power are thermal comfort (heating & cooling), water heating, major appliances and lighting.
  4. Energy Generation: Once your home's energy wastage has been limited then power generation can be considered.

"You don't drill a well in your backyard when your car's leaking oil.

Energy efficiency is the best way to lower energy bills."

Tony Snushall, founder of Smart Energy Solutions

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