13 August 2019

ANZ offers 4 Years Interest-Free Home Loan Top Ups

ANZ has 4 year Interest-Free home loan top ups for Home Insulation & Heat Pumps up to $5,000 each. You will need a Quote for your application so book yours with us today.


ANZ have just launched their interest-free home loan top ups of $5,000 for ceiling and underfloor insulation and $5,000 for heat pumps for homes built pre-2007. The loans are repayable over up to 4 years and are for up to 2 houses per customer.

Applications are to be made to ANZ. Read more about ANZ's Interest-Free Finance here.

We can help too! You'll need an Insulation Quote to go with your Application - contact us today to book your home assessment to get your quote.

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