Panasonic Heat Pumps

With a range of Panasonic quality heat pumps including wall or floor units as well as fully ducted solutions, we can help find the best heat pump for your home.

Panasonic is a trusted brand in New Zealand with over 5 decades of experience globally in heat pump technology.

With good back up support we proudly include Panasonic in our heat pump range and can help you choose which is the best model for your home.

The Panasonic range include the following features:

  • Temperature Performance: Panasonic heat pump air conditioners can operate even when the outside temperature is as low as -15 degrees Celsius.
  • Bluefin condenser: An anti-rust coating to the Panasonic condensers to protect it from exposure to salty air.
  • Nanoe-G: an advanced nano-technology that reduces airborne bacteria, viruses and mould for better air quality.
  • ECONAVI: an intelligent system focused on comfort and energy efficiency.  It uses sensors to detect where you are, your level of activity and even detects sunlight intensity and adjusts performance acordingly.

To learn more about the Panasonic range we offer a free home consultation.  We can explain the features of most bebefit to your home and lifestyle and give you a no-obligation quote.