Smart Energy Solutions provides services and products to improve the energy efficiency of New Zealand homes including insulation, heating, ventilation and lighting.

The business does in-home assessments of home-owners needs and recommends the products and services that will have the most energy efficient effect.

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25 Jul

How are your winter power bills?

We can help shrink them down to size! We're a one-stop-shop for home energy efficiency products to reduce your power bills year round.

Testimonials / What Our Clients Say

  • The sales rep was professional and kept us informed on when things would be completed.
    Colin, Wellington
  • My family and I noticed a difference 'a couple of hours' after installation, and thought that there was no possible way that the difference could be noticed that soon.  But we were wrong -  I have not had to scream at my kids to get out of bed in the morning .... yet (touch wood), nor have we had the heater on a night. The impact that this has made on our family so far has been huge - it's just a pity that we didn't do it earlier.
    Terii, Auckland
  • Pleased with price and installation.
    Lindsay, Waikato
  • Assessor was on time, friendly and didn’t rush me to make a decision. The install Administrator was extremely helpful, she processed all the paperwork with great efficiency and kept me informed through every step. Also very patient with my continuous questions. Install was the icing on the cake, went smoothly and I love the heat pump, great investment.
    Stephen, Hawkes Bay