Smart Energy Solutions provides services and products to improve the energy efficiency of New Zealand homes including insulation, heating, ventilation and lighting.

The business does in-home assessments of home-owners needs and recommends the products and services that will have the most energy efficient effect.

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  • My family and I noticed a difference 'a couple of hours' after installation, and thought that there was no possible way that the difference could be noticed that soon.  But we were wrong -  I have not had to scream at my kids to get out of bed in the morning .... yet (touch wood), nor have we had the heater on a night. The impact that this has made on our family so far has been huge - it's just a pity that we didn't do it earlier.
    Terii, Auckland
  • Not once did I hear a grumble about their tight work space and they left my home in the same condition as they found it. I felt extremely safe having them in my home and would recommend them to any other potential customer without hesitation.  It was a pleasure having them work on my home.
    Lorraine, Matamata
  • I would like to say how pleased we are with the insulation, the house is so much warmer, we especially notice it in the morning. Also what a great job the team did, thank you.
    Jean, Glendene
  • I was very impressed with the installation guys communication with each other and their teamwork with respect to the environment they worked in and the dangers involved...
    Adrian, Auckland