Smart Energy Solutions provides services and products to improve the energy efficiency of New Zealand homes including insulation, heating, ventilation and lighting.

The business does in-home assessments of home-owners needs and recommends the products and services that will have the most energy efficient effect.

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Testimonials / What Our Clients Say

  • ...having just had building renovations and plumbing work done, it was such a pleasure to have a day with your guys here and hardly be aware that they were at work, they were polite, tidy and just quietly got on with it.
    Alison, Northland
  • Friendly staff and quick to install done in no time.
    Graham, Otago
  • Excellent assessment and quality advice.
    Cara, Auckland
  • Fantastic incentive for all homeowners and landlords to get their houses warmer and healthier, especially in the South where it is always cold and damp!
    Jackie, Otago