Home Insulation: Best Advice, Quotes and Install

We're experts in home insulation: ceiling, underfloor and walls. We give free advice and quotes on the best insulation brands and have insulated over 78,000 NZ homes.

Insulation: Comfort, Health & Energy Efficiency

To keep warmer in winter and cooler in summer without soaring power bills - you need to insulate your home. 

Install quality underfloor and ceiling insulation and you'll significantly reduce heat loss to improve the thermal efficiency of your home. You'll be more comfortable and save money.

EECA 50% Insulation Subsidies available

Smart Energy Solutions is an approved partner of the EECA Energywise Warm Up New Zealand: Healthy Homes programme and has 50% insulation subsidies available^ for eligible homes.

UPDATE: from 28 June 2017 the programme has been expanded to offer 50% subsidies to eligible homeowners also. Read more here.

Funding is subject to availability and will end by June 2018 so don't hesitate. Contact us to book a home assessment today or to find out more.

We also have discounts & finance options available including being able to put the costs of insulation on your rates and pay it off over up to ten years. Get an obligation-free quote, contact us today.

We've insulated over 78,000 homes so we have the best experience, best product range and competitive prices to make insulating your home easy.  

We offer free advice, explain the different types of insulation and finance options available and give you with a no-obligation quote. Find out how affordable insulating your home can be.

Health Benefits of Home Insulation

Insulation not only improves the comfort and energy efficiency of your home, it also creates a healthier home.

Research by the Wellington School of Medicine has shown that people living in insulated homes are healthier while an Otago University Study highlighted that improved insulation and heating reduced hospital admissions for respiratory conditions by 38%.

Smart Energy Solutions provide a wide range of home insulation products to suit your home and your budget. We can supply the product and install to the standards recommended by NZ's Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA).  

We make getting home Insulation easy:

  1. We visit you for a home assessment with no-obligation insulation quotes.
  2. We help with insulation subsidies or finance paperwork.
  3. Our expert teams install your insulation and other home energy efficiency products.
  4. We audit your insulation installation for best quality assurance.

Read testimonials from our happy insulation customers and get a new level of comfort in your home.

We have insulation teams all over NZ including bases in Whangarei, Auckland, Hamilton, Tauranga, Whakatane, New Plymouth, Palmerston North, Napier, Gisborne, Wellington, Christchurch, Dunedin and Central Otago. We are NZ owned and operated and are an approved provider in EECA's Warm Up New Zealand: Healthy Homes insulation programme.

Types of Home Insulation

When we visit your home we can explain the types of insulation available in New Zealand and the benefits of each to help you choose which suits you and your home best.

Polyester Insulation

Polyester insulation is the modern option in home insulation as it is soft, non-itch and is free of glues, binders, formeldehyde and pesticides. Polyester insulation uses fibres from recycled plastic bottles so you'll be able to feel good in your warmer, healthier home knowing that you've reduced the planet's landfills.

Fibreglass/Glasswool Insulation

Fibreglass (also known as glasswool) is the traditional type of insulation in New Zealand but increasingly polyester insulation is being used. We can bring a sample for you to feel the difference. Other types of insulation include polystyrene, polywool blends, foil and blown insulation. Each have their benefits for particular applications or circumstances. We can help you choose the best insulation option for your home.

Compare Insulation Prices & Quotes

When you compare quotes and prices of insulation you need to ensure that you are comparing the same R-value, insulation format and material type. Why?

  • The R-value is a performance measure of resistance to heat flow. The higher the R-value of the insulation the better it performs. The minimum R-value you need varies by region - for example minimum ceiling insulation in Auckland is R2.9 where Christchurch & Dunedin would need a minimum of R3.3
  • Sections vs Blanket: a higher R-value is required for insulation sections versus insulation blanket rolls. This is because even tiny gaps between the insulation (especially over joists) allow surprisingly significant heat loss.
  • Insulation Materials: Fibreglass versus polyester insulation have different properties. Polyester insulation are heat bonded together for a permanent bond and, unlike fibreglass, polyester insulation is moisture restistant - if it gets wet it can dry out and thermal performance will not be compromised. In contrast, fibreglass fibres are held together by glues and binders which can break down over time and most fibreglass insulation contains formaldehyde. 

Insulation Funding & Finance

Smart Energy Solutions has access to a range of funding and finance options to make getting insulation for your home easier. In addition to EECA Warm Up New Zealand:Healthy Homes subsidies, we are an approved provider in most local council targeted rates programmes including Auckland Council, South Waikato District Council, New Plymouth District Council, South Taranaki District Council, Greater Wellington Regional Council, Hawke's Bay Regional Council and Dunedin City Council. We can also give you information about paying for insulation via a mortgage top-up or Q-Card. Read more about our various funding options here.

Best Insulation Brands

At Smart Energy Solutions we offer a choice of insulation types from leading, trusted brands such as Mammoth & Bradford Gold. We can help you evaluate the options and recommend the best product to install in your home for your budget - we can also make you aware of any insulation subsidies you may be eligible for and other payment options from local councils and banks.

Mammoth Modern Insulation 

Mammoth Modern Insulation is NZ made using 100% polyester fibres which are similar to those used in duvets, pillows and clothing. Polyester insulation is a soft, safe, long-lasting material free of formaldehyde, glues and resins - it also uses fibres from recycled plastic bottles to create a truly feel-good insulation for modern homes. Manufactured by InsulPro Manufacturing Ltd - a carboNZero certified organisation - Mammoth is a local insulation brand that is approved for use in the government's Warm Up NZ: Healthy Homes insulation programme. Whether you are looking to add insulation to you current home or rental property, or considering insulation for a new home we can provide a no-obligation measure and quote. Read more about Mammoth.

View the Mammoth Insulation brochure.

Bradford Gold Insulation

Bradford Gold insulation is a trusted brand of fibreglass insulation in New Zealand. It is a familar building material and is manufactured by CSR in Australia for local use. Bradford Gold is endorsed by the Sensitive Choice Programme of the Asthma Foundation of NZ. Read more about Bradford Gold.

View the Bradford Gold Brochure

* BRANZ House Insulation Guide

Our Insulation Install Service - NZ wide

The quality of how your home insulation is installed impacts enormously on how effective it is. We operate teams of highly experienced installers who are trained by the Insulation Association of New Zealand (IAONZ) and we audit our ceiling and underfloor insulation installs to ensure that they meet the NZ building code and the stringent standards of the Warm Up New Zealand: Healthy Homes programme.

Our insulation install service is NZ wide including Northland, Greater Auckland, Waikato, Taranaki, Bay of Plenty, Rotorua, Gisborne, Hawkes Bay, Manawatu, Greater Wellington, Christchurch, Dunedin and Central Otago.  

We are the largest retrofit installer of home insulation in NZ and primarily use our own install teams rather than contractors - this way we can assure you of the best possible installation and customer service.

Our insulation teams are experienced installing insulation in to new and existing homes and commercial buildings and are active in residential and commercial rebuild projects in post-earthquake Christchurch.

Read reviews and testimonials from some of our customers and you'll see that you can trust our assessors and hard-working installers to make insulating your home easy and stress-free.

Is your Insulation up to scratch? Watch EECA's video.

How to check your ceiling insulation


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