Home Ventilation & Heat Transfer: Best Advice, Quotes & Installation

We can advise on the best home ventilation or heat transfer system to suit your home to control condensation, purify your air and have a drier, warmer, healthier home. Get no-obligation quotes from NZ's best home ventilation brand.

Home Ventilation Systems

Good ventilation is a key component in a healthy home but choosing the right system of ventilation can be tricky - that's where we can help.

We give free advice on the different types of ventilation systems and provide obligation-free quotes.

The benefits of a home ventilation system:

  • A fresher, drier, healthier home.
  • Reduced condensation on windows and walls.
  • Reduced growth of mould and mildew.
  • Lower heating bills as a drier home is easier to heat.
  • A warmer home during sunny winter days.
  • Fresh filtered air that reduces allergens.
  • Options for cool air summer ventilation.
  • Secure ventilation without open doors and windows.

*  Smartvent 2 Vent system Model SV02 with Digital keypad ( SMVFAN0939).

*Smartvent 2 Vent system Model SV02 with Digital keypad ( SMVFAN0939).

Natural vs Mechanical ventilation

All homes need ventilation due to the volume of moisture caused by everyday living - cooking, showers, laundry and simply breathing. An article by NZ Herald estimated a family of four could create 34 litres of moisture per day. If moisture is allowed to accumulate in the home then is can create health and house damage due to mould & mildew. The are two main ways to remove moisture laden air: natural ventilation and mechanical ventilation.

Natural Ventilation

Natural ventilation is simply opening windows and doors once or twice a day to allow natural airflow to rid the home of moisture laden air. Combining this with having bedroom windows open a crack overnight can be sufficient for some people and is recommended as a first step.  If this is insufficient or if you have issues with security, mosquitoes, air quality, outside noise and/or cold temperatures then a mechanical ventilation system is the best option.

Mechanical Ventilation

Mechanical Ventilation can take a variety of forms from extractors to full ducted ventilation systems.  Extractors are used in bathrooms and kitchens to remove moisture at source while a full ventilation system uses a system of ducting and fans to remove the moisture laden air from your home. Once installed these systems have low running costs and can control normal household condensation. 

Ventilation Systems for New Homes

Existing homes are well suited to a positive pressure ventilation system which forces stale often moisture leden indoor air out through gaps around doors windows and other joins.  A new home however tends to be more air-tight needing a more balanced pressure system.  We can explain the different types of home ventilation systemsand help you select the system that best suits your home. 

Free Ventilation Advice

If you're looking for advice on mechanical ventilation systems then give us a call.  We give free balanced advice on what a ventilation system can and cannot do. We also sell other energy efficiency products so if there is a better solution to address your homes comfort or health we will let you know.  We're not pushy and give obligation-free quotes for ventilation and home energy efficiency solutions.

Smart Energy Solutions is a national home ventilation supplier and we can coordinate your installation.  We service Auckland, Hamilton & Waikato, Tauranga & Bay of Plenty, Rotorua, Whakatane, Napier & Hawkes Bay, New Plymouth & Taranaki, Palmerston North & Manawatu, Wellington region, greater Christchurch, Dunedin and Central Otago.  We have worked with a number of leading ventilation brands and based on performance we recommend Smart Vent - a clever ventilation brand you can trust.

SmartVent Ventilation

We have worked with a variety of leading ventilation brands and recommend SmartVent ventilation systems due to the superior performance, features and excellent back-up service. They have a range of systems including temperature and humidity sensing options.

Many ventilation systems talk about reducing condensation but unlike most SmartVent Evolve ventilation actually measures the humidity in the air. The SmartVent Evolve home ventilation system uses multiple humidity and temperature sensors to control the ventilation source and fan speeds to manage your home's climate more precisely.  Read more.

Some ventilation companies turn up with humidity sensors to test your need for a ventilation system but SmartVent is the only home ventilation brand we've found that have humidity sensors available within their ventilation system to measure and control condensation in your home. 

Heat Transfer Systems

SmartVent also have heat transfer systems options available to vent excess heat from one room to another to improve the comfort in both.

Funding & Finance for Ventilation & Heat Transfer Systems

We have interest free finance options available to help you into a home ventilation system now so you can enjoy a fresh, warm, dry home now.