Attic Storage - win back valuable space

Create islands and walkways above your insulation to gain valuable ceiling storage space.

Modern insulation generally sits higher than the joists in your ceiling and storage panels laid on top of the insulation will compress it and compromise it's effectiveness resulting in heat loss.

The Attic Island™ storage system is a revolutionary invention that allows you to use your attic for storage without squashing and damaging modern thick insulation. Create islands and walkways to claim back your ceiling space.

You can buy DIY kits and we'll deliver to you, or we will supply and install your Attic Island storage system for you (available in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and Dunedin only).

The Attic Island storage system uses stilts to hold storage panels above the insulation.

Attic Island storage kits include boards and stilts, and come in a variety of sizes, covering areas from 2.16m2 to 8.64m2. Additional boards and stilts are available if you want to increase your attic storage.

Attic Island Stilts simply clamp onto your joists and are fixed by two self tapping screws. Covered with board they provide valuable storage space. The Attic Island storage system gives you the best of both worlds; a warm insulated home with extra storage for your treasure!

The Benefits of Attic Islands

The Attic Island offers a wide range of benefits to your home:

  • No longer choose between using your attic space for storage or thick insulation. Have both!
  • Create storage islands in any size or shape to hold your treasure.
  • Create walkways to hot water cylinders and ventilation systems for easy servicing. This reduces the risk of trades people having to remove the insulation to safely walk on joists.
  • Protects valuable insulation from compression and damage.
  • Attic Island can support storage of up to 50kg per square metre. It can be walked on but is not advised for use as flooring (eg extra room/office space).
  • The Attic Island Stilt can be fixed to any size of joist, or to flat surfaces when the gripper at the base is folded flat.

If your insulation is less than 120mm, contact Smart Energy Solutions today for a free insulation check.


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