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For some homes taking advantage of natural home ventilation is sufficient to address home dampness and air quality.

Natural ventilation is simply opening windows and doors once or twice a day to allow natural airflow to rid the home of stale moisture laden air. This can be sufficient for some people and is recommended as a first step.

If natural ventilation is insufficient or if security, mosquitoes, air quality, outside noise and/or cold temperatures are an issue then a home ventilation system is the best option.

There are a range of modestly priced products you can add to your home to allow secure natural ventilation.

Window stays - these let you leave windows open for ventilation without totally compromising your security. Look for options where the lock cannot be reached from the outside.

Magnetic mesh screens - if mosquitoes and other insects mean leaving windows open on hot summer nights isn't possible then these magnetically attached screens may be a viable option.

Door screens - lockable door screens allow you to create a cross breeze through your home in summer while maintaining security.

Shower domes - this plastic dome fits over some showers to confine most of the moisture to within the shower cabinet.

Fans - for summer the air movement of fans can provide cooling ventilation at a modest cost.

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