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LED Downlights save power

LED downlights are up to 85% more efficient than incandescent bulbs and have a relatively quick payback on the investment.

Traditional incandescent bulbs have changed very little over 100 years and are very inefficient - less than 5% of their energy is converted into light. The balance is converted into heat.

Traditional downlights also require a significant gap in insulation around the downlight fitting. The LED downlights we use in contrast can be covered by insulation to keep your home both warmer and lighter.

Downlights & Insulation

The use of downlights in modern homes with incandescent light bulbs poses a challenge for thermal efficiency. Guidelines require insulation to keep up to 200mm clear of all downlights unless the light fitting carries an “IC” or “CA” classification. This clearance results in considerable heat loss around the light fitting as shown by the thermal image on the right.

Insulation can cover IC-F rated LED downlights to keep your home warm and bright in winter by limiting heat loss. For free quotes on replacing your downlights with long-life LED equivalents, contact us today.

Upgrade to LED Lights

We can shed more light on the advantages of upgrading to LED downlights and the savings you can make. Contact us today.   

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Finance & Funding

We have financial support available to make installing LED downlights throughout your home more affordable.

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