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Heat Transfer Price: Installed from $510

Heat Transfer Price: Installed from $510

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Heat Transfer: better comfort and efficiency

Heating sources that don't have a thermostat, such as woodburners, can result in excess heat in one room while the rest of the house remains cold.

A heat transfer unit can improve the comfort level of your home by efficiently transferring excess heat from one room to others. In some cases this may eliminate the need for extra heating in those other rooms and it increases the comfort of both.

Types of Heat Transfer System

We have three main types of Heat Transfer Systems:

  1. Through-Wall Heat Transfer Kit. This simple system transfers heat through the wall to an adjacent room.
  2. Ducted stand-alone Heat Transfer System. Transfers excess heat from one room to other adjacent or non-adjacent rooms via a system of ducts. 
  3. Ventilation System upgrade. Existing ventilation systems, that use filtered air from the ceiling or outside to address damp and condensation, can also be upgraded to act as a heat transfer system.

SmartVent Heat Transfer Upgrades

Heat transfer is an added function to a SmartVent digital system meaning when it's not winter you still have a useful ventilation system available. The system has advanced controls with a choice of three different functions:

  • Normal: Activates the heat transfer operation when the heated room exceeds a temperature that you specify.
  • Override: Activates irrespective of the heated rooms temperature.
  • Timer: Activates for a four hour period.

NOTE: Installed pricing offer of $510 is for the Thru Wall Fan Kit for heat transfer to an adjacent room.

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