Our Energy Plans

We keep our energy pricing plans simple to keep costs low.

Keeping it Simple

With your One Smart Energy Account we keep our plans simple with just two plans that reflect how energy is charged on your power bill.

  • Standard Plan: our plan for households with normal to high electricity use
  • Low User Plan: have a lower daily charge but a higher variable charge which is usually beneficial for homes with low electricity use.

Being on the wrong plan can incur needless cost. If you're not sure which plan suits you then we can help.

No need for Prompt payment Discounts

Some people considered prompt payment "discounts" a penalty rather than a true discount so we've built the saving in to our plans.

Electricity Meter

What are Fixed & Variable Costs?

Domestic power bills typically have two components for electricity:

  1. Fixed charges: this is a daily charge to cover network lines charges and your meter rental & reading costs.
  2. A variable Charge: the electricity component reflecting your actual or estimated electricity use for the period being charged. The unit of measure is kilowatt hours (kWH)

The fixed daily charge varies in each electricity plan for each electricity company so the best way to compare plans is to look at your total cost for the month divided by the total kilowatt hours use for the month.

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