Outages and Faults

There's a variety of reasons your power may go out but don't panic - there's someone to help.

Why is my power out?

Power outages to your home are most often caused by storms, accidents affecting power poles, other network issues which is why your first contact should be your local lines company (refer the list below).

Safety First

  1. If dark, use a torch or the light on your phone to avoid trips and falls - they're safer than candles and are usually closer to hand.
  2. Turn off any appliances you were using while you remember as well as any sensitive electronic devices like computers or TVs that may be affected by a sudden power surge.
  3. Check your fuse box - especially if only part of the house has lost power.
  4. Contact your Lines Company for information on the nature and extent of the outage.
  5. Medically Dependent people who rely on electrical devices should activate their prepared emergency plan with battery or generator back-up. If there is serious risk to health or life for you or anyone in your home through loss of power you should either:
    1. get support from nearby friends or family with electricity or
    2. contact emergency services on 111.

Who to Ring?

To find out the cause of a power outage to your home or neighbourhood you should call your local Lines Company.

NorthlandTOP ENERGY0800 867 363
NORTHPOWER0800 10 40 40
AucklandVECTOR0508 832 867
WaikatoCOUNTIES POWER0800 100 202
WEL NETWORKS0800 800 935
Bay of PlentyPOWERCO0800 769 372
Hawke's BayUNISON NETWORKS 0800 286 476

HORIZON ENERGY 07 306 2900
GisborneEASTLAND NETWORK06 869 0700
TaranakiPOWERCO0800 769 372
ManawatuELECTRA0800 567 876
POWERCO0800 769 372
ChristchurchORION0800 363 9898
EA NETWORKS0800 430 460
Dunedin & CromwellAURORA ENERGY0800 433 582
OTAGONET03 211 1899

Not sure who your lines company is? Click here

Not a Network Issue?

If there is no network issue and it is only your home affected then please call us on 0800 888 121 and we will organise for the outage to be investigated as quickly as possible.