Various Fees

Summarised below is our Schedule of Fees for various connection and meter charges.

We sometimes have to bill for services over and above your normal power or gas supply charges. So to help avoid unexpected costs, we have listed our service fee pricing schedule below.

Disconnection/Reconnection Fees

Credit Disconnection **$98$138$240
Reconnection - Business Hours**$78$118$220
Reconnection - After Hours**$118$190$290
Credit Reconnection - Business Hours$98$138$240
Credit Reconnection - After Hours$138$210$315

Administration Fees

Dishonoured Payment Administration Fee$25
Disconnection Notice Fee $18
Final Disconnection Notice Fee$20
Missed Arrangement Fee

Power Dispatch Fees

Tariff Change$85$135$230
Meter Change $155$198$305
Meter Relocation$170$210$320
Meter Reseal $120$155$290
Site Visit $110$135$290
Install Import / Export Meter (1 or 3 phase) $155$198$305
Meter Test$240$240$240
Option Change (where no site visit is required)$40$40$40
Permanent Disconnection$120$155$240

Fees for No-Fault-Found Call-outs

These fees will only be charged if no fault is found, or the fault is found to be internal.

Noisy Meterboard - Call Out Fee*** $78 $135 $177
Noisy Meterboard - Call Out Fee - After Hours*** $140 $210 $240
No Hot Water - Call Out Fee*** $78 $135 $177
No Hot Water - Call Out Fee - After Hours*** $140 $210 $240

All prices include GST.

* These are the minimum charges that will apply. When a site visit is required in a remote area, higher charges may apply.
** When a contractor calls to disconnect or reconnect but isn’t able to complete the job (because the customer isn’t present, or there are safety concerns), this fee will still apply.

Please Note: where a service is required that is not otherwise detailed on this schedule, we will endeavour to quote the cost to you in advance of it being incurred on your behalf.