Insulation may be mandatory within a year of a new Tenancy

02 November 2017

A new article on says the Healthy Homes Guarantee bill is to be fast tracked and the deadline for insulation to be within 12 months of a new Tenancy.

The key points raised in the article on are:

  • Labour's Healthy Homes Bill is expected to be fast-tracked by Christmas.
  • Insulation standards are likely to rise from 1978 standards to the minimum under the current building code.
  • Insulation compliance deadlines may change to be  within 12 months of a new tenancy.
  • There will also be a minimum requirement for heating.

The likely implications for landlords are that the insulation requirement for your rental properties may come into force sooner.

No comment is made about funding although the current subsidies programme is scheduled to finish within 8 months or sooner.

There has been no formal announcement or confirmation from the government at time of writing.

Healthy Homes Guarantee bill to be fast tracked -

Tuesday 31 October 2017 Housing Minister Phil Twyford has announced the Government plans to pass the Healthy Homes Guarantee bill by Christmas. Under the bill, landlords will be required to meet minimum standards of heating and insulation in their rental properties. This will amend the Residential Tenancies Act 1986, and all landlords will be required to meet the standards.

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