How has your power use been with the shutdown?

24 April 2020

With more of us staying home, working from home and with temperatures falling - our power bills are not!

We know our power bills will be affected by being home more in the shut down. As the weather cools and the need for heat increases, we’ve got some great tips on saving energy and keeping those power bills down.

Take an active break: Sitting still all day can mean you feel the cold more. Generate some internal heat, improve your blood flow and energy with regular active breaks.
Be smart with clothes dryers: Using your clothes dryer is convenient when you lead a busy lifestyle. While the sun is shining, hang your clothes outside or under cover knowing you're at home to rescue it if the rain comes.
Power off your standby: Turning appliances off at the wall can save you $100 a year*. The biggest culprits are computer screens, TVs, stereos, gaming and computer equipment.
Follow the sun: During the day try to base yourself in the rooms getting the most sun. And of course just as the sun goes down - pull curtains to retain the heat.
Plan ahead & defrost in the fridge: Allowing food to defrost in the fridge can save money twice. Firstly the frozen food defrosting means the fridge doesn't have to work so hard and secondly you're not using the microwave to defrost food.
Wash clothes in cold water: By washing in cold water instead of hot water you could save over $70 a year in power*. Also make sure you are doing a full load, and encourage kids to wear clothes more than once if they’re not dirty or smelly.
Have shorter showers: Avoiding baths and having shorter showers can save a family over $900 a year* on power.
Reduce heated towel rail use: Heated towels are luxurious but using them 24/7 can cost up to $170 a year* to run. Once we're out of shutdown, consider fitting a timer so they're only heated right before you usually need them.
Switch off: There's no need to leave your house lit up like a Christmas tree. Turn off lights in rooms not being used and try watching TV or movies with either candles or minimal lights - it'll feel more like a cinema and can make viewing better.
Replace old lights with LED bulbs: quick and easy to do and you could save up to $200 a year on your power bill**.
Check your ceiling insulation: Heating your home is a high proportion of annual energy bills and can save $750 per year versus an uninsulated home*. The comfort and health benefits of Ceiling Insulation are priceless.
Switch to a heat pump: Heat Pumps are the most energy efficient form of electrical heating and can running can cost only 28 cents an hour*** much lower than a fan, column or radiant heater.

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You can pay for a all our energy efficient solutions via your power bill interest free over 24 months.

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