Healthy Homes Standards Now!

Be aware that even now there are Healthy Homes Standards implications for new Tenancy agreements.

28 November 2019

You may be breathing a sign of relief that with the July 2019 insulation deadline having past - but don't lose sight of the current Healthy Homes Standards requirements for new Tenancy Agreements.

Since July 2019 you need to:

  • Include a statement of compliance or intent to comply with Healthy Homes standards and statement of insulation in all new, revised or renewed tenancy agreements.

Next major change: December 2020

The Healthy Homes Standards regulations state that from December 2020 (extended from July '20) all new or varied tenancy agreements must include a statement of the current level of compliance with the Healthy Homes standards. While it is July 2021 the new tenancies have 90 days to meet the regulations, you need to be ready for the information requirements from July 2020.

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