20 February 2019

Get Insulation, Heat Pumps & more on your Auckland Council Rates

We're part of Auckland Council's programme to let insulation, heat pumps and more be paid off via your rates. A great option for homeowners and landlords.

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The Auckland Council's Retrofit Your Home programme is designed to create a healthier, warmer home with a free assessment and Retrofit Plan.

The programme is offered throughout the Auckland region. As minimum levels of home insulation will be mandatory for rental properties soon - the Auckland Council rates programme is a great opportunity for both homeowners and landlords to bring their houses up to spec.

We’re one of the approved insulation providers under the Auckland Council rates programme and can make the process easy for you.

Funding for Insulation, Heat Pumps & more

You can apply for up to $5,000 financial assistance through the Council for your home or rental properties. We can help you get your home retrofitted with ceiling insulation, underfloor insulation, a heat pump, and bathroom & kitchen extractors.

The support up to $5,000 is designed to make Auckland homes more energy and water-efficient and keep Auckland families healthier.

The extra bonus – if you’re applying for insulation, the government’s Warmer Kiwi Homes Programme has subsidised insulation for eligible low income homeowners, meaning you can use the Council’s rates programme to address your heating at the same time. The insulation subsidies are provided through the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA) and will automatically be included on any quote for these items.

Pay it off over up to 9 years

The funding through the Auckland Council is repaid over a period of 9 years and appears as a separate line item on your usual rates bill. You can make additional repayments if you wish to pay it off earlier.

If you sell your house before fully paying off the financial assistance you are legally required to disclose the existence of the targeted rate to potential buyers. Alternatively you can pay the outstanding amount off in full prior to selling.

What is the interest rate?

The targeted rate is interest bearing but only at the rate that the Auckland Council pays for its finance plus a small administration charge. Typically it works out at approximately 6.6% per annum.

Learn more by booking a free home assessment or read more on the Auckland Council Retrofit Your Home programme on their website here.

We’re Auckland experts in Insulation, Heat Pumps and energy efficiency

Smart Energy Solutions in Auckland is a one-stop-shop that can give you quotes on ceiling insulation, underfloor insulation, heat pumps, ventilation, heat transfer systems, LED downlights, hot water management systems, solar and more.

Auckland homeowners have enjoyed our total home approach for years - we’re an Auckland-based business that is an approved provider in both the EECA Warmer Kiwi Homes programme and the Auckland Council Retrofit Your Home programme. You can read more about our Auckland team - our products, services and community involvement here. We service Auckland Central, Manukau, Waitakere, North Shore, Rodney, Franklin with free home assessments for all your energy efficiency needs.

You can also trust the products we supply as we only work with leading brands including Mammoth Modern Insulation, Pink Batts glasswool insulation, Mitsubishi Electric heat pumps, Panasonic heat pumps, Daikin heat pumps, SmartVent home ventilation and heat transfer systems.

Need information or a quote?

We give free advice and quotes on a range of home energy efficiency products. Contact us and our friendly team will be in touch to discuss product, subsidies & other finance solutions for your home. We make it easy!

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