Healthy Homes Rental Inspections

We have quotes and inspection services available to help your rental properties comply with the Healthy Homes Standards.


We have quotes and inspection services available to help your rental properties comply with the Healthy Homes Standards. From 1 December 2020 all new or varied Tenancy Agreements must include information on the current levels of the 5 Healthy Homes Standards.

Healthy Homes Inspection Service & Report

We have an affordable full Healthy Homes Rental Inspection service that checks all five Healthy Homes Standards at your rental properties to identify any compliance issues we see. We'll provide a comprehensive report summarising the state of the property relative to the required rental standards for:

  • Insulation
  • Heating
  • Ventilation
  • Drainage and moisture ingress
  • Draught stopping

We'll also provide a quote for supply and install of ceiling and underfloor insulation, heat pump, ventilation products and ground moisture barrier if required.

Refer down the page for a description of the checks undertaken for each Healthy Homes Standard.

Free Quotes

If you already know you need insulation, heating, ventilation or more but only want a quote, we can provide a quote free of charge. If you go ahead with the quote, we'll install your products but a Healthy Homes Inspection Report will not be issued as part of the free quote. Handy hint: It is better value to get an Inspection Report done at the same time as it will save you time and money in the long run.

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Healthy Homes Standards for Rentals

We can help make your rentals compliant with the new Healthy Homes Standards as well as warmer, drier and healthier for your tenants. Leave your contact details here and one of our friendly team will be in touch to help. We'll coordinate with your tenants and ensure your products are installed safely and your rental investment is protected.

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Next Deadline : December 2020 (extended from July 2020)

From 1 December 2020 all new or varied Tenancy Agreements are to include information on the current levels of the 5 Healthy Homes Standards. So why not get your rental property up to the Standards now - you'll save money and time knowing the property complies.

Our Inspection Service and Report is a perfect option before or after you have the rental property bought up to the 5 Standards.



Insulation Inspection

We will inspect any existing ceiling and underfloor insulation to comply with NZ Standards 4246:2016. Underfloor we will also inspect insulation including the electrical safeness of any existing foil insulation.

In addition to checking that the amount of insulation is sufficient, this inspection will also check for 100% coverage and safety clearances around downlights, chimneys and vents. Minor positioning adjustments will be completed with no extra charge. Beware of services that just take photos from the manhole. We can provide a quote for supply and install of insulation required.


Heating Inspection

We will inspect the primary living room and examine whether any existing fixed heating devices are a) qualifying heating devices and b) whether they are sufficiently sized to meet the standard. This inspection will also check that the heat pump is operating (can be turned on) and can generate heat.

Under the Healthy Homes standard the determination of the required heating capacity is a significant piece of work involving the use of a MBIE’s heating calculator including room and window measurements. NOTE: this is indicated to be a required piece of information in Tenancy Agreements. If new or supplementary heating devices are required then quotes for supply and install will be provided.


Ventilation Inspection

Our ventilation inspection will identify whether kitchens and bathrooms are fitted with operational, free-flowing, externally vented extractors of sufficient size. In addition windows will be checked to ensure each habitable area has openable windows able to be fixed open that also have an openable area 5% or more of the room area. We will also note any evident mould around windows for your reference.

If a ventilation system is required we can provide a free quote for supply and install.


Drainage/Moisture Ingress Inspection

We will inspect whether moisture barrier is required and/or installed in the sub-floor of the property.

In support of Tenancy Services drainage requirements we will also conduct a visual inspection that there a) are gutters around total circumference b) gutters connect to downpipes c) no evident cracks, breakages or holes in either guttering or downpipes and d) there is no evidence of pooling surface water.


Draught-Stopping Inspection

Any open fireplaces will be inspected to check they are either blocked or, if the tenant wishes to keep them unblocked, a template letter will be provided to the tenant to complete as a request.

In addition a visual inspection of external doors and windows will be undertaken where possible to identify any gaps greater than the allowed threshold which are/could create draughts.

Any holes in walls, floors ceiling or broken windows will also be noted.