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Kiwibank $2000 Solar Giveaway

Kiwibank $2000 Solar Giveaway

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Kiwibank customers may be able to take advantage of their Sustainable Energy Loans to fund solar powered products that you buy from Smart Energy Solutions.

If you top-up your home loan with Kiwibank to purchase a qualifying solar system for your home by $5000 or more, Kiwibank will contribute $2,000 to the system cost over four years!

How Kiwibank's Sustainable Energy Loan works

  1. Top up your Home Loan with Kiwibank to pay for an eligible solar panel or solar hot water system for your home.  Kiwibank uses your house as security for the top-up. 
  2. Kiwibank will contribute up to $2000 towards the cost (over four years) if the top-up for solar is over than $5,000. They'll contribute $800 after the 1st year and $400 after each of the 3 years after that. 
  3. To be eligible the solar system must: 
    1. be for sale to the general public 
    2. have a 10 year or more warranty from the manufacturer, and 
    3. be supplied and installed by a member of SEANZ - the Sustainable Energy Association of New Zealand. 

If you're already a home loan customer of Kiwibank, they will waive the top-up fee.

If you refinance (move) your home mortgage to Kiwibank, they will agree a portion of your home loan to classify as the Sustainable Energy Loan, and add their contributions to that.

If you’re building a new house that has a solar energy system included in the cost of the property, we’ll agree a portion of your home loan to classify as the Sustainable Energy Loan, and add our contributions to that.

You can discuss your options by calling Kiwibank on 0800 000 654.

Are you solar ready?

Whether you’re thinking about solar panels or solar hot water, the starting point is free advice and obligation free solar quotes.  We can help you evaluate whether solar is right for your home or not.

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