Masterton: Get Insulation and/or a Heat Pump on your Rates


Masterton and Wainuiomata 'Warm Greater Wellington' programme

Masterton and Wainuiomata ratepayers can benefit from the Greater Wellington Regional Council's Warm Greater Wellington programme which encourages ratepayers to make their homes and communities healthier.  

The programme allows Masterton and Wainuiomata home owners to get both insulation and heat pumps installed and pay it off via their Greater Wellington Regional Council rates payments over up to 9 years.

We are an approved insulation and heat pump provider under the Wellington Regional Council's "Warm Greater Wellington" programme and can assess your Masterton home for BOTH insulation and heat pumps at once. Here's a copy of the Council's Application Pack that you may wish to read through before we visit.

We are one of New Zealand's largest retrofit insulation companies - ask us what special offers we have for insulation and more!

Contact us today and we can visit you for a no-obligation quote and help you with the paperwork.

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Why Clean Heat is important

Masterton is situated in such a way that air pollution in winter is a significant issue affecting the health of residents especially children, the elderly and those with respiratory issues. The Greater Wellington Regional Council is encouraging the replacement of open fires and old log burners with "clean heat" devices such as heat pumps. While the insulation offer is available throughout the Greater Wellington area, the option to pay for heat pumps and other approved clean-heat devices is limited to Masterton and Wainuiomata.


Funding for Insulation and a Heat Pump

The Wellington Regional Council's programme provides up to $3,900 of funding support for home insulation products which can be used for ceiling or underfloor insulation in homes built before the year 2000. 

A total of $5,000 is available for insulation and heat pumps combined or $5,000 for clean heating/heat pumps on their own.

To be eligible for the Warm Greater Wellington funding you must:

  1. Be a ratepayer to the Greater Wellington Regional Council
  2. Be current with your rates payments
  3. Your home must have been built before 2000 (insulation only)
  4. And you must have a quote from an approved insulation provider (that's us!)

Pay it off over up to 9 years

 The funding is repaid through your regular Wellington rates bill and is itemised as a "targeted rate". The repayments are over a period of 9 years and you can make additional repayments if you wish to pay it off earlier.  

If you sell your house before fully paying off the financial assistance you are legally required to disclose the existence of the targeted rate to potential buyers. Alternatively you can pay the outstanding amount off in full prior to selling. Adding insulation will mean you use less energy (electricity, wood, gas) to create the equivalent warmth and so you can save money while you're paying the insulation off.

What is the interest rate?

The targeted rate is interest bearing to cover the council's costs. The interest rate is 7% per annum and is reviewed annually. Insulation of $3,900 would have an approximate repayment of $12 per week while $5,000 would be around $15 per week. You can learn more by contacting us for a no-obligation home assessment or visit the Warm Greater Wellington programme on the Greater Wellington Regional Council website.

Masterton and Wainuiomata homeowners can benefit from our whole home assessment to guide you towards the products that will have the best effect on your home's warmth, efficiency and health.  

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