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Up to 10 years to pay on your rates

Up to 10 years to pay on your rates

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The value of home insulation and heat pumps to health and overall welfare is sufficiently recognised that several councils offer support so you can pay them off via your regular rates payments. 

These "Voluntary Targeted Rates" programmes let you pay off home insulation (and sometimes heat pumps) via your regular rates bills over a period of 9-10 years at a discounted interest rate. Terms, conditions, amount of funding and interest rates vary by Council. 

Get a quote from Smart Energy Solutions as we are approved providers in the Voluntary Targeted Rates Programmes for the following Councils:

Smart Energy Solutions is an approved provider in the Council's Voluntary Targeted Rates programmes listed below. We can provide you with information and quotes on what your home needs as well as what financial support there may be in your region, including any insulation subsidies. 

Most of the council programmes require that:

  • you are a ratepayer with a good track record of paying your rates
  • the insulation and heat pump (and other products where allowed) must be installed by an approved provider such as us
  • that the home was built before 2000 (for insulation only)

The funding available from the participating local councils is repayable over 9 to 10 years* and they allow earlier repayments without penalties. The councils administer the finance and charge an interest rate of just 6-9%* which typically reflects their own cost of finance plus administration costs.

For more information about whether there is a rates programme in your area check the Q&As below or book a FREE Home Assessment.

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