Make your home comfortable in all 4 seasons

Home Comfort: Too cold, too hot or Just Right?

There's nothing worse than having a cold home in winter or being too hot in summer. Your home is your haven and having it at a comfortable temperature makes all the difference. 

We represent a wide range of products and so we know which products will have the best effect in making your and your family warm and comfortable. Request a Free Home Energy Plan and we'll evaluate a range of home products that address your priorities so you get the best value solution.

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If you're not sure what the best next-step is for your home then request a Free Home Energy Plan.  We make it easy for you to make the smart choice by evaluating a range of energy efficiency products for you.

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Step-by-step to a warmer home

  1. First address all gaps around doors & windows.
  2. Add insulation to ceilings & underfloors.
  3. Add an energy efficient heat source to your living spaces
  4. Add thermostatically controlled heating to bedrooms ideally with time control.
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Step-by-step to a cooler home

  1. Open windows to create a cross breeze of natural ventilation.
  2. Insulate to avoid solar heat gain through the roof.
  3. Pull curtains to avoid direct sunlight into your home or consider window film to deflect glare.
  4. Use air conditioning (heat pump) to chill the air.
  5. Consider a "Summer Kit" for your ventilation system to draw outside air from the cool southern side of your home.

Our customers have said

Warmer home

Good service, friendly and successful in warming home.

Debbie, Waikato

Warm Home Already

Friendly couple of installers, didn’t stop once – even when offered a cup of tea, I already feel the difference with warmth in my home so great job well done!

Strowan, Christchurch

Considered advice

The assessor knew what he was talking about, provided me the best option available for the size of the house and why.

Cherie, Taranaki