Helping kiwis create more comfortable, sustainable homes.

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We're taking action to help spread the word about Gen Less

"Gen Less" is the Energy Efficiency & Conservation Authority's (EECA) initiative to help kiwis get more out of life by using less energy. Gen Less unites individuals, organisations, businesses & the government, to live & work in more climate-friendly ways.
Living Gen Less means you are choosing to take meaningful, ongoing action to reduce your greenhouse gas emissions from energy use.

How do we fit in with Gen Less?

Smart Energy Solutions is New Zealand’s largest energy efficiency company, helping all households create a more comfortable, warmer, healthier, & energy efficient home.
We’ve improved the comfort of over 90,000 homes since 2009 with energy efficient solutions & premium customer service from initial consultation, through to sales, install & auditing services. We want to help kiwis invest for better outcomes.


Sustainability is in our DNA

We believe that energy efficiency is the best form of no-carbon power generation. The energy your don't use is the energy that doesn't need to be created.
So we've been on a mission to make New Zealand homes more energy efficient since 2009. We’ve helped over 90,000 homes & rental properties across NZ towards becoming more energy efficient, healthier & comfortable.

Our products reduce your power consumption

We supply & install a range of energy efficient products including ceiling & underfloor insulation, on-ground moisture barrier, heat pumps, ventilation systems, hot water management systems, LED downlights & more to help save money on power bills & make your home more comfortable.

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Promoting sustainable insulation

We offer a range of insulation products & recommend Mammoth™ polyester insulation as a sustainable choice because:

  • Made including fibres recycled from PET plastic
  • Manufactured by a carboNZero certified organisation
  • 100% polyester – non-itch, non-toxic
  • Moisture, mould and mildew resistant
  • Heat bonded so it won’t slump over time
  • Safe to handle and easy to install
  • Free of formaldehyde binders
  • Fully recyclable at end of use - no landfill
  • Made in a near zero waste production process
  • Declare Red List Free by the International Living Future Institute
  • Many Mammoth products are also Environmental Choice certified
  • Mammoth insulation products made from 100% polyester have an Ozone Depleting Potential (ODP) of zero, meaning no ozone depleting substances are present in the product or used in direct manufacture of the product.
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We're electrifying our vehicle fleet

Our nationwide sales fleet are moving to electric vehicles over the next few years. We will have 20% of our fleet switched over within a year.

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An efficiency focused Power Company

We're an odd sort of power company! We celebrate when we help customers use less power.

We set up our power company, One Smart Energy Account, to help our customers make the improvements to their home that will reduce their power use. In addition to competitive power rates, our customers pay off their heat pumps, insulation, ventilation systems, solar products etc over 24 months interest free.

An interest-free instalment plan for energy efficiency via your power account - what a smart energy solution.

Get a Free Home Energy Plan

When you're looking at making your home more sustainable or energy efficient, it can be difficult to know where to start. The answer is our Free Home Energy Plan which evaluates around twenty different options & rates them on how well they deliver on your priorities to guide you on your journey to improve your home.

We have completed over 24,000 Home Energy Plans with our customers to help them understand what is right for their home & make sure we provide them with the right solutions. We've had an amazing response from customers who've said the Plan delivers value & is easy to understand.