Specials & Deals for our range of Energy Efficiency Products

Making your home warmer, drier and healthier is now more affordable. See our latest deals on how to improve your home and save on power bills.

We always have a range of specials, deals and finance offers to make improving your home more affordable.


   Not sure what your home needs to be more energy efficient?

   Get a personalised FREE Home Energy Plan to help you make an 
   informed decision on the best energy investment for your home.
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   Landlords: Book your Statement of Insulation today!

   New legislation requires all rentals have working long-life smoke alarms
   and declare the level of insulation in new tenancy agreements.
   Order your Statement of Insulation today for only $49 and we can help
   ensure you comply. 


   50% OFF Insulation for eligible Rental Properties 

   Landlords - you may be able to get 50% off insulating your rental
   properties if your tenants are eligible
   Contact us today to find out if you qualify.

   Put Insulation on your Rates and pay it off over 9 years

   You may be able to put the costs of insulation and/or a heat pump
   on your rates depending on which region you are in. We can help you
   with the paperwork to make it easy. Find out more here.

   Interest-Free Options available

   We have interest-free options for insulation, heating, ventilation, LED
   downlights and other energy efficient products. Read here for more
   details or book your assessment today.



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