Smoke Alarms - they’re also mandatory in rentals NOW

Whether you own your own home or are renting you should make sure you have working smoke alarms. Investing in long-life photoelectric smoke alarms means you can rest easy knowing you and your family are protected. They are also mandatory in rental properties NOW.

Smoke Alarms - why they are so important. 

Many fire fatalities happen at night when people are sleeping and don’t smell the smoke. Working smoke alarms are the best way to make sure you and your family get an early warning of a fire so you can get out alive.

They are compulsory in Rentals - the Government has also made it compulsory that all rental properties must have smoke alarms installed from 1st July 2016. From July 2019 all private rental properties must have both insulation and smoke alarms installed. We can help ensure your rental property is compliant for both smoke alarms and insulation. Find out more about the Residential Tenancies Act and what is required for rental properties now.

We supply and install long-life photoelectric smoke alarms for your home or rental property. Contact us today to book an appointment or find out more.


Where to put Smoke Alarms

We recommend installing long-life photoelectric type smoke alarms in every bedroom, living area, and hallway - on every level in the house. However this is not always practical. We suggest at an absolute minimum that a long-life photoelectric type smoke alarm should be installed in the hallway closest to the bedrooms. Buy and install other smoke alarms as you can afford them.

We recommend smoke alarms are both interconnected and hard-wired to your home’s electrical wiring. Interconnected means when 1 smoke alarm detects a fire all alarms throughout the house will sound even when they are on opposite sides of a closed door or on different levels of a house. Hard-wired smoke alarms are connected to mains power. This makes them more reliable.


Where NOT to put Smoke Alarms 

There are different types of alarms for different locations within the home. Installing smoke alarms in the wrong place can cause nuisance alarms.

Don’t install a smoke alarm in your kitchen (smoke and heat from cooking can activate the alarm), the bathroom or laundry.

What sort of Smoke Alarm is best?

We recommend installing long-life photoelectric type smoke alarms in your home. They may cost a little more but the benefits are significant: 

• They provide about 10 years smoke detection.
• They remove the frustration of fixing the 'flat battery beep' at inconvenient times such as at 3 in the morning.
• The cost of replacement batteries for standard alarms means the long-life one effectively pays for itself over its lifetime.
• You don't have to climb ladders every year to replace batteries.

But, at a minimum, you should install one standard long-life photoelectric type alarm in the hallway closest to the bedrooms. When Smart Energy Solutions visits you we can show you the best places to put your smoke alarms to help protect your family and home.

Book your Home Assessment today and we'll help ensure your home or rental property has working smoke alarms. And remember, they are compulsory NOW in rental properties.