iSmart Hot Water Cylinders

Replacing your Hot Water Cylinder? By installing an iSmart Hot Water Cylinder you can take control of how you heat your hot water and save money.

Did you know that up to 40% of your power bill is due to heating your hot water?

The iSmart Hot Water Cylinder is fitted with an LCD touch screen that shows you how much hot water is in the cylinder, and you can set it up to heat the water as you need it.

The LCD Touch Screen:

  • shows actual hot water available
  • has a 'Holiday Mode' and 'Savings' setting
  • has a one-off boost for extra capacity when required
  • stores 7 days worth of data
  • shows the temperature at top and bottom of tank

The iSmart Controller has:

  • hot water cylinder element control
  • pre-wired and pre-programmed settings
  • LED lights for fault conditions
  • legionella protection

iSmart Hot Water Cylinder tanks come in various sizes: 180L, 250L, and 300L. There are additional options available including dual elements, stainless steel, solar ready, low pressure and wetback. Some tanks can be kept outside.

Control your hot water use and save money on your energy bills with this new iSmart technology. They are easy to install and your return on investment will be shown with the savings you make on your reduced power bills.