Efficient Hot Water Heating

Hot water accounts for a third of energy bills but there are ways you can reduce it with cylinder wraps and smart controllers for new and existing cylinders.

Whether you're choosing a new hot water cylinder or using the one you already have, there are simple ways to reduce your power bills without having less, shorter or colder showers.

Hot water heating accounts for up to 40% of our energy bills and costs the average household around $650 a year, but you may be using more energy than you need to get the hot water you want.

Whatever electric hot water cylinder you have, there are ways to reduce your energy use without necessarily buying a new one.

Here are some smart options for you to help save money on water heating bills with your existing hot water cylinder - some involve a cost but others are free involving conservation in how you use hot water:

  1. Showers instead of baths: you don't have to be Einstein to figure showers use alot less hot water than baths.
  2. Fixing dripping taps especially if it's the hot water tap.
  3. Fit a lower-flow showerhead: If your shower flow is greater than 9 litres of water per minute then you're wasting money.
  4. Check your hot water temperature: It should be no more than 55 degrees at the tap for both safety and energy efficiency.
  5. Wrap your cylinder: insulating your cylinder especially if it's older than 2002 will conserve the heat and lower costs. Read more.
  6. Consider a cold water wash for your laundry
  7. Scrape rather than rinse your dishes when it's about to be turned on.
  8. Buy appliances carefully selecting ones that are energy AND water efficient.
  9. Use a Smart Controller on your electric cylinder to minimise heating when you don't need it.  Read more.

iSmart Hot Water Controllers

Heating hot water can be up to 40% of your power bill. By fitting an iSmart Controller to your electric hot water cylinder you can save up to 50% on your water heating costs.

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iSmart Hot Water Cylinders

Replacing your Hot Water Cylinder? By installing an iSmart Hot Water Cylinder you can take control of how you heat your hot water and save money.

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