Add to your Mortgage

The lowest finance interest cost is typically your mortgage rate. Many banks allow the cost of insulation and other energy efficiency products to be added to home mortgages and some waive set-up fees.

Put Insulation, Heating & More on your Mortgage

Some banks are allowing homeowners to add the cost of insulating their home to their mortgage which tends to have a lower interest rate than other finance options. The costs are paid back with interest over the mortgage term.

As insulation is an investment in your property with a positive pay-back over a long period - this can be an effective option to finance your home's improvement. 

Some of the participating banks have agreed to waive associated fees. Book your FREE Home Energy Assessment today and we can tell you which banks in your area are offering insulation mortgage top-ups and details of how to request permission.


We make Mortgage Top-Ups simple

We have arranged a broker who can coordinate all the financial and legal requirements with you over the phone*. Currently the broker service we offer is available to ANZ, Westpac, ASB and Sovereign mortgage holders only.

We can discuss this and other finance options with you at a no-obligation home assessment.


Some bank terms & conditions will apply and you should seek financial advice from the broker or another finance expert if you are uncertain about proceeding with this finance option.